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Planet Beast: Unleash the creative beast within yo

Having a good time.
The sun rise in the trees.
Living in paradise.
Castle and town on a snowy evening.
The admins posing for a picture.

Hello! Welcome to the Planet Beast! Here you will find one of the greatest server communities in the world of FTB. The reason this community is so great is because we have a zero tolerance for grieving. As an extra level of protection we have in place protection commands in which you can protect your builds. Our system works so well in fact that we have never had a single grieving problem in the whole history of the server.

As a result of our no-grief history we have allowed our members to do more and more things, such as the ability to change their own game mode, which is an element that separates our server from the rest of the crowd.

And as for lag: there is none. This is due to the fact that we have the single most powerful server out of all of the FTB servers. It has 32 Gigs of ram with a 500Gb SSD and a 3.1GHz processor. Our Internet speed is off the charts at 105mbps down and 20mbps up. The reason we have gone to such extremes to ensure that the server remains lag free is that we know and understand how much lag can effect your building performance and overall experience on the server.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up here for the whitelist and start building today!

Protection Commands

  • /setregion - Use this to set a region. Click the bottom corner block and then the top corner block. IMPORTANT: This is a CUBE not a RECTANGLE so make sure to form a cube around your build.
  • /share [region name] – Use this to allow a player to be able to edit inside the region.
  • /unshare [Region Name] – Use this to dis-allow a player to be able to edit inside the region.
  • /lock – Locks any block in game; use the command then right click the block – a chest for example.
  • /unlock – Unlocks the locked block; use the command then right click the block to unlock.

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Please build responsibly. Planet Beast is not responsible for any misconduct that occurs while participating in this online gaming community.

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