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US Gregtech New Horizons

US Gregtech New Horizons



Family friendly server.

All players first go through a screening process where you can log in but unable to play until approved.

We have gather and build worlds, which is important on a long term server such as this.

We have a player run economy, player ships, and hardcore ranks, there is always something to spend your hard earned creds on.

Best server for this modpack, and a great server just in general. Has a very much so needed greylist, which prevents (as far as I've seen) all the trolls and unwanted scummy people out. Has 2 building worlds, 1 has vampires disabled so it's not constantly hardcore nights for those newcomers. Not to mention the nice resource gathering world ;). Has towny! Not a modpack for those that are lazy though keep that in mind. 11/10 -Luhsteesay/Devious1000
Posted 20th Nov 2017
Prospercraft GT:NH is an awesome server.

Always active playersto chat with and an active staff list that can help you when you run into trouble.
Posted 1st Nov 2017
I appreciate you guys using my building as a cover for that video...
This server is awesome. Keep up with the good job.
Posted 12th Oct 2017
Gregtech hardcore mode! so expect everything to take alot of time. Admins are active and ussually around to help out. All in all, its challeging but fun.
Posted 24th Sep 2017
yay! this server is hard, but fun
Posted 30th Aug 2017
There always seems to be someone else on to chat with. Theres a mining dimension that can be reset to replenish GregTech ores. Towny and Nations make it safe(avoid griefing) and fun to play with friends and build an empire or at least try to. Theres a discord server to quickly ask for help when needed. The staff are usually available to answer questions and help players. All around its a good server to settle into and play a game thats gonna last awhile.
Posted 15th Aug 2017