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1.1.3 DayTime FTB Unleashed GriefPrevention/PvP 24


Server is 1.1.3, Make sure your client is up to date!


This is a GriefPrevention PvP server it offers anti grief but also Faction so you can still have that raid experience. With factions you can join your friends and still have private conversations. With GriefPrevention you will be able to protect your valued items. All of our world have borders larger than 50k so you never run out of room!

Do not ask for OP/Staff,
Do not grief,
PvP/Raid is allowed though.

Banned Items
Mining Laser,
Black Breaker ,
Mining Turtle - Unbanned Soon,
Grav Gun,
Portal Gun - Donator Perk,
MystCraft ages

Plugins/Things to do
Pets- Have your own pet creeper/spider,
Bounty- Place bounties on the fellow players you dislike,
Slots- Gamble away,
Player Shops- Have your own shop!

We are a dedicated server 24/7 With a goal of little to no lag. We will always be looking for new ways to make gameplay better for you. See you soon!

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