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This is a custom modpack that features things that regular minecraft does not have in it. The Modpack can be installed on Twitch or Technic Launcher, and it features a plethora of magic and exploration mods, including none other than Astral Sorcery, Thaumcraft, Botania, Roots, Bloodmagic, Electroblob's Wizardry, and more. However, for those machinists out there, there isEnderio, Thermal Expansion, Applied Energistics 2, Tech Reborn, and more, along with a newer, quite interesting mod, called Integrated Dynamics. You will be utilizing both magic and technology to survive this cruel world, and even crueler animals. The ZAWA mod features lions, tigers, bears, and other animals. The Ice and Fire mod even features mythical creatures, and the Mowsies Mobs mod has horrific mobs and mini bosses. Even dragons are in this pack! For those of you who played the beta, do not fear, for I would never remove the terrifying piranhas from Animilium. These are not near all the mods, but quite a few of them.

This server will feature frequent Events and already has crates, shops, quest shops, and custom mob drops to unlock crate keys. Although we already have several events planned out and in the works, feel free to throw all suggestions into the server's discord channel coolax-pack-suggestions.

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