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Trainwreck's FTB Revelation Server


Welcome to a world where failure is guaranteed to occur at some point... and where that fact is actually going to be acknowledged. We slapped everything together over the past few days and, while we're hoping for the best, we've prepared for an absolute Trainwreck-- and we certainly hope you have as well.

Currently, there are no banned items. We are in the process of setting such a list up, so have fun with that while you can! (who knows, it might not happen soon if used responsibly)

We have a fairly minimal set of rules, but are very strict with those not subject to personal opinion (e.g. chat or loosely-defined terms):

  1. Claims are to be respected. Any attempt to bypass their protections or flags (e.g PVP) will be punished if caught.
  2. Keep it civil in chat. Excessive profanity (>50% of a message longer than 4 words), spam (same message sent more than 2 times in a row, especially in a short period of time), or explicit messages may warrant a mute or worse, depending on severity.
  3. Do not spawn camp or base camp. The latter may be allowed if war has been openly and mutually declared by both parties involved.
  4. Do not create AFK machines.
  5. Do not create lag machines or otherwise take part in an action intended to render the server unplayable, be it by lag, crashing, or any other means.
  6. Staff decisions will always be final unless formally appealed.
  7. Staff are not permitted to use their powers for purposes other than administration, moderation, or being helpful. Please report any occurrences of abuse with /helpop.
  8. Use common sense. Just because it wasn't written down here doesn't mean it won't ever be. If a new rule needs to be added because of you, you might live on on this server in name only... in the form of some text in this list of rules.
  9. Expect catastrophic failure to occur at some point. Results may vary, but are guaranteed to occur eventually.

Rules aside, have fun!

i give this server a 7.8/10 too much water
Posted 5th Jan 2019