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Wolf Craft - FTB Monster Edition

pin_drop (private server)

Hello fellow FTB players! Wolfcraft - Monster Edition is a new server that is looking for players who are both personable and (somewhat) know how to play in this modpack. I would like to increase our server up to a total of possibly ten people which is why I'm reaching out to this forum. If anyone is interested, you can copy&paste these questions below, answer them, and shoot me an E-Mail @, that would be greatly appreciated ^.^ Thank you,
Server Moderator

First name + Minecraft name:
Age: ____

Time Zone:

What are your time frames available to play?

What days are you available to play?

What do you enjoy most in this modpack?

Do you know how to manage a server (to an extent)?

Who is your favorite video game character?

What's your favorite mod to this day?

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