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Rediscover Minecraft... Like you never have...

Welcome to JudgementalFTB! Our IP Address in order to join our server is! Please join our forums for updated news and community interaction at In order to join our server, please read the thread on setting everything up at this link here: If you have any questions please ask!

At JudgementalFTB, we are a Roman themed Feed the Beast server that uses the Trident Modpack. We keep everything family friendly, but enjoyable for Minecraft players of all ages.

We contain vanilla survival worlds- Overworld, Nether, and End-, an economy, factions in which you may claim your own land, and raiding is encouraged.

We are dedicated to server quality and tailor as best we can to the players. It is the players who make the server great, and the players who make a difference. At JudgementalFTB, YOU have a voice. You are not just another player and another statistic, you are a person with a voice, and one who can actively change in a community of tightly knit players.

We actively engage with our players, and encourage them to be involved within the community, as they are the ones who bring change.

For those that are interested in making a donation to JudgementalFTB, here are the following ranks and their prices. If you would like additional information on the donator ranks, please visit our Donation Shop. For the opening of the server, there is currently a sale making all items within the shop 20% off of their original prices until the end of July, with the original prices listed below.
Serf- $5
Freedman- $10
Proletariat- $15
Plebian- $25
Equestrian- $30
Patrician- $40

Our current staff include (from lowest to highest):
Moderator- Empty
Admin- Cobolt34
Co Owner- Pieguy302590
Owner- JickheadDames

We look forward to seeing you within JudgementalFTB!

~ Owner JickheadDames and the JudgementalFTB Staff Team

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