This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Roadwolf's Exploration Server


A fairly basic FTB: Lite server.

This server is aimed towards exploration and developing towns. Each players starts at spawn and is provided some basic survival tools. They are asked to mark spawn as a waypoint using 'M' and Add Waypoint. Then venture out into the wilderness.

Players are urged to explore and find an area of their own. No one may build within 20 blocks of an 'un natural' item that they did not place. This includes tribal villages, forts and dungeons. But also torches and fences and cobblestone walls.

Additionally, so Spawn doesn't get over crowded, no one is allowed to build within 500 meters of spawn. (Thus the waypoint)

There are villages as far away as 10km, and as close as 500m. The point is to branch out and explore.

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