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Welcome to the JaxterGaming Community

Jaxter Gaming is run by two different individuals. The first, mtjaxter and the second GoddessTay (in game names). We are a brand new server that hope to meet and play with like-minded individuals. We are solely based on Minecraft. We would like mature and fun individuals with which to be a part of this community. We also believe that everyone has a fair share in their opinions and thoughts on how a server should be run. We think a player should be able to do what their heart truly desires in the world of Minecraft as long as it is not some form of abuse such as griefing or hacking towards another player.

We also hope to develop the server to have various role-play aspects to it as well. Not in the traditional RPG/MMORPG sense but more in the role-playing sense. To build a capital or big city that people can live in and be a part of and have a job in. We would like to develop and have different forms of games and mini-games as well as events on the server as well. As it develops we hope that different members of the community can help in this process.

About JaxterGaming

  • This server is a Direwolf20 1.6.4 Latest Patched Version 1.0.20.

  • The server is funded by both the two owners as well as anyone who donates to help the community out. All donations will go towards rewards and contests/events as well as paying for the server (and in the future if it grows a lot, upgrade the server).

  • This server and community are completely free to play on and be a part of.

  • When you first join you will be a Guest rank. You must talk to either GoddessTay or mtjaxter in game as well as post a reply here answering a few questions in order to become a regular member who can play and be a part of our community.


  1. No griefing
  2. No hacking
  3. No spamming
  4. No asking for ranks
  5. No asking for spawned items
  6. No 1x1 towers
  7. No dirt huts or dirt buildings next to spawn
  8. Respect all other players on the server to include staff, players, guests

Join our website and fill out the Grey list form to play our server.

JaxterGaming Server Information

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