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CraftAU Beyond

CraftAU Beyond


CraftAU ( is an Australian gaming community running multiple FTB / Minecraft servers.

Sky Factory 3:
Lite 1.10:



Great server, excellent up time and well maintained. Community was pretty friendly. The only downside was the ability of administrators to simply respond to concerns raised. No indication was given when issues were brought to their attention that they'd even been acknowledged. Their whole mod request system just didn't work.
Posted 7th Apr 2017
I have been a part of this community for a number of years now and have enjoyed the multiple FTB packs that have been setup as servers for us to play. From the very first day I played on CraftAU, I have felt welcomed by both staff and players, which was a pleasant change from many other servers I had tried previously.

Like all public servers, you do get disruptive players from time to time but the staff are very quick to fix problems. I believe I have a unique perspective on this as I have been both player and junior moderator on CraftAU, seeing both sides of the fence and how things are done by senior moderators and admin staff. I am both amazed and impressed by all the senior staff involved that setup and run the servers, by their commitment and communication. The focus is totally on making each game playable and enjoyable for everyone, including myself!

I fully recommend this server to everyone who wants to actually feel part of a real active AUSSIE community!
Posted 7th Apr 2017