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"Hello Citizens. Welcome to NiteOwl City! The last bastion of civilization amongst the throes of Anarchy in a dying world. We are the last, banding together not only to survive, but to thrive! I welcome you, as a fellow citizen, as a brother, or sister, to join us in our pursuit of glory!"

NiteOwl FTB is a city building RPG. When you enter the server for the first time you will be eligible to choose a starting class. Currently there are 2:

The Merchant - Specializes in manipulating the economy, and greasing the wheels of capitalism. They get a discount when buying from the server, and a bonus when selling to it. While not profitable to buy and straight back to the server (obviously) they DO maximize profits by acting as middlemen. Buy low from the server and sell to other players cheaper than what they would pay buying from the store - for a quick easy profit. They do not have initial access to the advanced mining areas, and can not use quarry's to begin with. But as with everything in this world, that can be bought.

The Finder - Specializes in locating and harvesting vast amounts of natural resources. Begins the game with some diamond equipment, and access to vast advanced mining areas, which seem to be far more stable than the ones visited by other citizens. They are also able to upgrade practically any digging implement (including their quarry) for practically no cost. The down side to spending so much time underground? No social skills. They suffer a heavy penalty when buying or selling to the server - thus they function best when they have a cooperative Merchant to unload their vast treasure-hoards onto for a respectable sum. Mutually beneficial, no?


  • Infinite mining - the mining areas all automatically reset at different intervals. The very basic ones reset VERY often, discouraging building anything of worth in them.

  • Upgrades - Anything and everything can be bought in NiteOwl City. If you want a large plot, go out and buy it! If no larger plot exists, just ask an admin, they would be glad to help you out!

  • PVP wilderness - Don't believe everything the City's Mayor tells you - things out there aren't great. The world is a dangerous place. There are many PVP enabled areas, even in the city. The only problem with killing your fellow citizens is - will they buy from you afterwards? *

So if you are saying to yourself

"Hail Comrade! Vhere do I sign up?!"

welcome aboard, you are going to have a BLAST! If you weren't saying that, but are still interesting in giving it a go, you are also welcome :)

IP =

Server Location= NA.West Coast

We just reset the map, so there are TONS of places to build. After a long absence we are also looking for staff. If you know how to wield worldedit, or are good at looking up issues on google and helping other people - just let me know here or in game, and we can definitely talk.

Thanks for reading this, and I really hope to see you in game!


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