This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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- Grief Prevention.
- Shops, make a shop sell stuff and get rich!
- Create a city! in a giant 500x500 plot!
- Plots are safe from creepers or any harm that may come to it.
- Home plot your cozy home.
- Factory Plot to build your manufacturing plant!
- or build in the wild claim land and build with your mind at ease.
- Industrial Complex Plot a giant 50x50.
- Wild and all the other mod-pack worlds! for mining and building bases 
- warps back to your plots.
- tpa's so you dont have to walk for ever to a friend!
- Do what you want aslong as you follow the rules!
- increase claim blocks by voting for server and buying more claim blocks with in-game money or buy more claim blocks and support the server!

Use if the other one doesn't work.

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