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Wurmcraft Continuum

Wurmcraft Continuum[no whitelist]


Wurmcraft offers an as close to no banned/non-p2p as possible, as a starting community we're hoping to host a variety of servers. this server in particulair will have a map of 25k by 25k. extra dimensions i,e nether/end will be reset every week, list of the dimensions which are safe to live in will be posted on the spawn/discord.

Discord :


1 Use common sense, if you break the server/someone elses experience you're definitely wrong.
2 Try to keep swearing down. we dont ban swearing but if you act like a 13 year old during biology it will result in a mute.
3 No hacks/exploits, this rule speaks for itself. Unknown bugs/dupes that are reported will be rewarded with extra homes.
4 Chunkloading is allowed, however if this is abused we will revoke it, load smart & vital things only.
5 We dont expect perfect wiring. but try to be as efficient as possible.
6 No spamming/Advertising.
7 No discrimination of gender/race/religion/age, you're free to ignore people but do not actively harass people.
8 If your base breaks the server, you are always wrong. server optimisation is on the modpacks part, not ours. We will speak to you for solutions but if its impossible we'll have to tell you to minimise your base or destroy it. Try to keep the server playable.

We hope you'll have fun!

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