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Mindcrack Style SMP Server (New world Modpack)


So today is the day im releasing my server into the Feed the beast forums! Now if you havnt heard of the mindcrack people go check them out on youtube. But im supposing most of you have heard of them so you'll know what they're server is like. They're all good friends and are an excellent community. Helping eachover at times while also playing friendly pranks on eachover. And thats what i hope to achieve on my server. Also a major thing on they're server is that there all youtubers. Now you dont have to be youtubers to join my server but it might help in the application So as of yet there is no banned items since we all trust eachover and are a friendly community. All players must have Skype or Teamspeak with a realativley Good microphone. A loud buzzing noise in the background can sometimes get on your nerves. Im ranging the age group from about 13-16. I myself am 14 but some people say i sound a bit older. Wether they're just saying that to be nice or potentially mean it. But i can assure you myself i am alot more mature for my age. So ofcource the server is going to be Whitelist but its super easy to get in

IGN (In game name):
You heard of Mindcrack before or ever watched any of they're video's?:
Is pranks aloud?:
What sort of community is on this server?:
Would you be willing to help eachover out?:
Do you have skype?/Teamspeak? If so add me at mcendy11 with a message saying FTB:
Is griefing aloud?:
What sort of server is this:

So thats it! Its super simple! Just to remind you all it is The New world modpack which is awesome! So for more detail please contact me on skype @ mcendy11. ALSO THE SERVER IS VERSION 6.3

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