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Sentinel Network


Beyond version 15.2

Sentinel Network - IP:

Direct Connects & IPs:

  • FTB Beyond -
  • Resonant Rise 4 -
    • All optional mods enabled
  • Direwolf 1.10 - (Coming Soon)
  • Server Lobby -
  • Website -&- Forums - Https://

The Network

Our servers run 24/7/365 with a 99.9% uptime on dedicated hardware, along with a soon-to-come Dual Gigabit uplink speed. - We provide you the best game-experience with our modded servers. Join us to experience the feeling and have countless hours of fun!

The Community that Forms the Network

We have an amazingly friendly community with both new and experienced players. We aren't afraid to help you on any problems and questions you could have. We're all gamers, and we all have a profound respect for the borderline lifestyle, and we're always eager to gain new friends and members to join the community.

Sad. They use P2W donator ranks. Can be rather laggy and without paying you can only claim 25 chunks.
Posted 3rd Apr 2017
the server is perfect for beginners and truly has a good uptime and i think this server deserve a A+.

Bad language have i seen by many people and i think the server needs to remove words like fuck, shit, idiot and such. please overview this little information and think about it :)
The server replied:
We do not usually like to see extreme profanity in chat, and I will be adding a filter to block the big ones. However, I do not believe it will help much, due to players being able to bypass it so easily.
Thank you for your review,
Posted 1st Apr 2017