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  • Player Shops
  • Skills (Mining, Woodcutting and more )
  • Just join and build no stupid signup.
  • Griefprevention with modded protection
  • Taxes Plugin (ChestShop 8% tax) and Balance Budget Tax, Type /tax)
  • MobCash rewards
  • Timbermod, Choptree, Treeassist
  • No rollbacks
  • Unleashed 1.1.7
  • Low banned items
  • Awesome voting rewards
  • Sick ass staff

Download the launcher here:

It is very good and staff is great. The only problem i am experiencing is that i cant join in without my game crashing and i dont think i can play again.
Posted 13th Feb 2017
this sever is the best every one is nice and you should join it and the whole server is super fun the ranks are over powered and i love this server
Posted 10th Feb 2017
I was a member of this server over a year ago. Yes, a lot of SA's were banned, and there has always been the rare case of intentional dupping, but this is rare and the offender is banned. The staff is great now. I have even seen them solving programming errors while the system is still up. Shybella has never banned anyone while I have been online and the rewards for voting are really nice. People get quantum solars to coal. It is good but still very new, with map resets happening t least once per month. That is the only bad thing about this server.
Posted 14th Oct 2016
This server has helpful staff, refreshes the maps, and builds budding and working economy. Admin shop at spawn, player shops at spawn. I can not think of a bad thing about this server. Been here for almost a full year.

YES the cocky staff member was removed. and YES there are players who get banned. Dont dupe, Dont try and cheat and dont be stupid. Telling a staff member to go ** them selves and then cry here you got banned for no reason, makes you look bad, not the server.
Posted 5th Sep 2016
great server, been playing on it a while in my opinion everyone is very friendly on it
Posted 16th Aug 2016
The server is OK until a staff member gets cocky with you that is something that's got to be fixed and the main reason I don't play as much any more also sometimes lagg gets out of hand to not always but it also needs fixing
Posted 1st Aug 2016
got banned for no reason don't join you might get banned for nothing aswell.
Posted 15th Jul 2016
Server is fine. Staff is unfair and non polite. You'll most likely see a guy banned per day in the server due to the staff being so cocky. The owner itself is racist and bans everyone without a reason just because he feels like doing so.
Posted 13th Jul 2016