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Our mini game Laser Tag!
Our mini game Skywars
Our mini game Wand Spleef
Join the laser tag tournament LASER RAGE!

Allow us to introduce ourselves:

We're the team behind ForgeFields, a brand new FeedTheBeast modpack mini-game hub. We've spent countless hours and consumed unhealthy amounts of coffee in order to bring to you some seriously addictive FTB minigames!
We're proud to announce that ForgeFields has reached the Beta stage in it's development, here's what that means to you guys:

You can now connect to the server at any time and play (see server details section)
You can register on the main site, where your stats will get logged for the whole wide world to see!
You can now purchase VIP packages on the main site (75% off while in Beta)

There are two games in place at the moment:

Wand Spleef is by far our most popular game type. Surgeon General's Warning: this game-mode is seriously addictive.

If you've ever played Spleef before, you know the drill - be the last one standing. Our variation of Spleef equips you with The Wand of Excavation (from Thaumcraft), which makes punching the floor out from underneath noobs from afar that much more fun! If you're a fan of some high powered and intense action, get yourself into a Wand Spleef lobby.

Skywars places every player on their own floating island on the map. The objective is to get to the other islands and take out your enemies. This is definitely a gametype for the more strategic players among you.

We're planning to add many more game types as ForgeFields grows, so keep an eye out for them!

You'll need the FTB Unleashed 1.1.7 pack in order to play on the server.

Connect to to play.

The ForgeFields site is where you can check out your game stats. At the end of every game, the server you're playing on will ping you a link to stats for every game you play, so be sure to check out how you compare against your fellow players.

We've also provided the Forums (here!) so you're all able to chat outside of the game world. Discuss strategies, offer feedback - constructive and friendly posts is where it's at here.

You can get yourself an account at by joining our server and typing "/register" when you connect. You'll receive email alerts about any tournaments going on, as well as special offers on VIP packages amongst other things. The benefits of registering will only grow as we get bigger, so grab yourself a registered account ASAP!

We'd like to give a special thanks to all of our testers for helping us squash bugs in our gametypes. You're awesome and we hope to see in-game soon!

ForgeFields Team

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