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No banned items

No banned items, No-Lag,Crates,Active Admins.


Come join us on LuckyCraft! We're in our infancy so we little to non-rules, other than be respectful and do not exploit glitches and grief. We'll be adding a ton of new and exciting things in the days to come! Including crates, ranks, and possibly cool and useful kits and perks to donators! Fear not! We will not leave you stranded and just leave, as long as we have a player base, so will you!

The server is very nice. it has so many nice players and the staff is super nice. there is almost no lagg at all.
The one downsight is that the owner is having problems with the server sometimes becuase it shuts down automaticly. but other than that the server it definently worth checking out!
Posted 15th Oct 2016