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FTB Unleached server! Running with Biomes O Plenty!

Do you want to kill and also build and still be safe? No problems! We are using plugins to make it available for you to both have PvP enabled and be safe in your own claims! You can choose if you want to have PvP on or off!

We have player owned shops so everyone can buy and sell their own materials and items from their own shop! You get money from either MCJobs, voting for the server, buy/sell and/or by winning minigames! The minigames we have are: -Paintball(One shot one kill with snowballs) -Spleef(Breaking blocks under you opponent to make them fall into the water) -PvP arena 1v1(Straight forward, a 1v1 PvP arena, duel against random players or duel with your friends!) -Battleground(A 4v4 battleground where the player with the most kills after 3min wins)

There are some banned items, but most of the items that are banned, are rank-features! for example portal-guns and Mystcraft. The banned items that are a rank-feature, are banned because of lags or griefing. Other items that are banned are because of duping issues or something like that.

You can protect your land and machines with griefpervention! The plugin is very simple, you claim land by using a golden shovel, which you get in your start kit when you join the server for the first time.

If you got any other questions, feel free to ask me on the website:

See you in-game!

/KingBulleN [Owner]

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