This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Posted ImageGeneralPosted Image

The server has 30 slots for players. Difficulty is on hard and mobs are on.

All important buildings and locations are protected with WorldGuard.

Anyone on our server can use WorldGuard to protect his own house from griefing.

Posted ImageRules of RulerCraft FTB UnhingedPosted Image

  1. Do not harass others or spam.
  2. Do not promote other servers.
  3. Do not use client side mods.

Posted ImageLaws of RulerCraft FTB UnhingedPosted Image

  1. Do not abuse bugs or glitches.
  2. You must always report any rule breaking.
  3. Do not use any X-Ray modifications.
  4. No cheating in PvP.
  5. Do not autofarm.

Posted ImageBuilding RestrictionsPosted Image

  1. Do not build anything that cant float in real life.
  2. Do not make 1x1 pillars or holes.
  3. Do not make any offensive symbols.
  4. Do not cover seas or build anything other than ships/docks.
  5. Do not flatten any somewhat big mountains.

In this server you are able to do whatever you would want. You can be a master builder, create a town,dominate the economy, live out the life of a farmer, become a feared pvp king, or all the above.

You do not have to worry about griefing as they are several anti-grief plugins like worldguard, LWC, and Towny that all protect your creations.

So come and start your Minecraft Adventure at RulerCraft FTB Unhinged.

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