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Started 2013.03.07 kl. 18.00 Swedish Time

Diaboli Terra is a FTB Mind Crack server from Sweden.

Allways Nice Staffs

Owner: Kandarba

Co-Owner: Virresss

Co-Owner: EhnCatarina

Admin: Krillzeey

Moderator: MonkeyKingOfNZ

Moderator: Wolf_Rebel89

Player Ranks

  1. Peasant
  2. Worker
  3. Gentleman
  4. Knight
  5. Baron
  6. Earl
  7. Marquess
  8. Duke
  9. ArchDuke
  10. GrandDuke
  11. King
  12. Emperor

Each ranks give you something. Info about what each ranks gives you find in info house in Server Town
It costs only game credits that you get by selling things to the bank server

It will come up Donation ranks with special privileges also later

Economy Game. Credits Mode

Kill and Mine so can you get payed from the Bank
Server Shop. And its Free to build own Shops.

Town mode

You gets a plot in the city if you want.

When you have get enough Credits you can build your own Town
and you can gets members in the city to.

PvP Zone

World: PvP Off

Arena: PvP On (Under Contsruction)

More Will Come....

Few banned Items

List on Banned Item:

Come soon

Please join us and have a fun playing.
You need to Registration on ur home side. Take less than 1 min.

/Diaboli Terra Team.

We will be happy if you vote for us here.

Temp.Banned Players

  1. XXGameZ (banned to 29/3-13) Got 7 Days Bann Becouse used bad word in chat

Black List Banned Players

  1. Pheonix_OverLord [Cheating] Spawned credits to him self

  2. georgecotty [Bad Language to Co-Owner]

  3. friender_men [Bad language to moderators]

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