This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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KyberBase : FTB DW20 1.6.4 server!! WHITELIST ! Ip


Hey guys!

This is a new server.
Welcome new players who like to play survivor mode.
If you want more you playing with us

It uses FTB DW20 1.6.4 ( or latest ) modpack.

We don't want to see trolls on the server so, the KyberBase Network is a private ( whitelisted ) vanilla server.

Send the application ( My E-mail: ) :

How often do you play Minecraft?:
How long have you played Minecraft?:
Why do you like vanilla?:
What brings you to the server?:
What kind of person are you? (Redstoner,Builder,Miner,Adventuer,Hunter):
Do you get along with other people?:
Have you ever been banned? If so, please give a reason.:
Do you watch Mindcrack? If so, who's your favorite Mindcracker?:
Fun fact about yourself:
Anything else?:


No killing, unless there is a reason.
No hacking.
No stealing, this counts going into other people's strip mines.
If you chop someone else's tree, please replace it with a sapling. Aslo, try not to leave floating trees.
No griefing, we love your server and would like to keep our houses.
Don't be mean, we like to have fun!
Try not to cuss.
There IS a prank wars, BUT no lava,tnt,fire,etc. and please leave a sign.

If you read these please put the word "clap" at the end of your application

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