This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Dimentional Monsters 1.1.1 | KAMI + Blood Magic!


Monster 1.1.1!
(Enable Blood magic and Thaumic Tinkers KAMI)
Hello everyone, welcome to the {Name}. Our server community will have a good sense of accomplishment with all staff and members being happy and helpful.
Our servers will include 20 slots basic with 4GB RAM SSD. (Solid State Drive) This will allow multitasking with the use of chunk-loaders between Administrators and donators. Our donation will go towards the server (50%), to the owner (25%) and to other staff (25%).
This will make the server getting upgraded a lot easier because most donations will be given to the server.
This server shall have a good community with a healthy source of custom and new plugins to make your experience much better.
The users will have most power in the server to what happens in and to the server. Bans will be dealt with with the help of the users and Administrators, this will allow more people to be "let off" for little things i would ban for.
We will always be fair and if you stay loyal and vote daily you will be given large rewards.

We have 1 Owner Greenan11 (Greenan)
2 Administrators JJStrikeForce (JayJay), Chip369 (Chippy)

We do need 1 Builder dedicated to building.
2 moderators to stay in control
1 helper to stay active and stay helping people.
1 developer to build and make the custom plugins.
No staff will be needed quite yet other than a builder for spawn.


  1. Do not ask for ranks.
  2. Have fun.
  3. No cheating.
  4. No racism and strong language towards other users.
  5. Always respect all players including admins.

Website: (Soon to come!)
Teamspeak: (Soon to come!)

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