This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Pork Legends - TolkienCraft 2.3.17


Pork Legends is a non-profit PvP-oriented server. We aim to keep minimal items banned, and let the players enjoy the modpack as it was intended, and bring a MMO-Style gameplay for everyone.

Banned Items:
World Anchor - Banned for everyone, causes lag
Personal Anchor - There will be methods to obtain these in the future
Admin Anchor - Kinda self-explanatory, admins only for administration purposes
Dimensional Anchor - Also causes lag, banned for everyone except admins for administration purposes
Book Binder - If you want a mystcraft world, please submit a proper application on the forums
NPC Wand - There will be an application forum like MystCraft for this in the near future.

Disabled Mods:
Minions - Disabled for better server performance

Modpack: TolkienCraft II (public 3rd party modpack)
Version: TolkienCraft II - 2.3.17 (Recommended)

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