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ProAngels Infinity server [No Railcraft or fastcra


ProAngels FTB Infinity server is all about having fun, and survive ofc.. But mostly having fun!

ProAngels is a new, friendly and a happy community and we hope that we will grow big so everyone can be a part of us.

The server does not use "Railcraft" and "Fastcraft" so I' you want to play on our server you need to disable those mods.

We are using both premade and custom plugins, when i say custom i mean that we have created them ourself.

Our server is hosted by Creeperhost and the server is in Lithuania + lag free!

We have a teamspeak server aswell! Ts ip:

We are currently looking for staff!

Owner : CoffeOden
Developer : Ssandiss

HeadAdmin: None

Admin 1: None
Admin 2: None
Admin 3: None
Admin 4: None

Mod 1: None
Mod 2: None

Helper 1: None
Helper 2: None
Helper 3: None

Website coming up shortly! Hang tight!

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