This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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A server with a story !

Part 1, Find more in game and on the site!

A rogue faction tried to enslave the population of Craftia, this started a war that lasted over a hundred years, in doing so they exhausted almost all of the world’s resources, that set a massive chain reaction in motion. One of the events was a cataclismic void implosion due to the imbalance in the worlds energy. A small number of craftians survived... this horrible disaster. By sheer luck we found a ancient blueprint in the Central Orb, This blueprint showed us the way to create a type of book to travel to distant worlds. This gave a small number of a surviving craftians a fighting chance to thrive on another world! The ring of the wise is now guarding this secret, and these are the only ones that have the knowledge to create new portal books.

But they cannot fully leave the old ruins. A small amount of the special and unique energy survived in the old world and still powers the Central Orb, even after years of searching through hundreds of worlds, we could not find a second place with this type of energy. The Central Orb holds all the secrets of the old age, but also contains all knowledge of the advanced machines, moving this huge and amazing artifact is impossible so it is up to you to join and learn! Craft new items and colonise this new distant planet with the technology from the old, but be carefull not to make the same mistakes that destroyed the old one! Now go craft, explore and conquer this unknown and mysterious world and see what magic and secrets lie ahead!

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