This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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GrararianCraft (GravityCraft FTB Agrarian Skies Se


[24/7] Free2Play Cracked AgrarianSkies FTB Server!
[NoBan] [No++Mods] [Bukkit] [Asia] Skyblock Server!

Welcome to our new FTB Agrarian Skies Server!
(Just letting you know that we replaced this FTB from FTB Horizon due to bad performance of the server)

This is pure 3-Lives Hardcore Agrarian Skies Skyblock,
you will be given a small yet good island,try to expand the Island without dying!

Changes in Difficulty than real Agrarian Skies is:
+1 Lives
Given a small yet beautiful Skyblock you can own.
Keep Inventory is On,no losing item after died.
Void No dies (Will be Implemented)

We hope for our server to do the best,stable and yet Long-Lifespan Server,
More communities = More active server :)

Visit our communities at

[Recruiting] Staff 15+ Years Old Staff who experience on setting up the FTB Agrarian Skies Server settings and Recommendation! Apply on!

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