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PATftb 24/7 - Mindcrack - Much fun!


Hello, my name is Joel, also known as Paajii, the owner of PATnetwork.
We are starting out our first MC related server, PATftb. It's whitelisted, so you need to apply
to be able to play, that is because we wan't players that really wan't to play on our server, not just hackers and griefers. We have a growing gaming-network, and mature staff that really are there to help you with anything. They have spend over hundreds of hours to make the server better and better.

Server Info
The server runs on the Mindcrack modpack, is online 24/7 and got 4GB of dedicated RAM.
Normal difficulty, PvP enabled*, and a few plugins to enhance your gameplay & Hosted in NL.

  • PvP is only allowed when both players have accepted the duel.

Other Infomation
There is staff the most of the days online (GMT+2), and be sure to check out the website! (added soon)

We do not tolerate any swearing or bad language in the chat, also stealing or griefing
someone's property will result in a ban for you, we don't want players who ruin the
game for others! Also any kind of hacking will gain you a permanent ban to the server.
Use common sense, no laggy mobfarms or redstone circuits. They will be removed if
found. Hiding them for staff will result in a temp-ban to our services. Play nice and
have fun. Respect the staff, they have put in countless hours to provide a good server!

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