This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Kreepers FTB Server


A brand new 1.4.7 FTB Ultimate pack server. What makes us different is:

  1. No items banned at all (For now at least)
  2. Small Community looking for knowledgable staff.
  3. Hundreds of shops to buy and sell things (New shops added everyday)
  4. Lag free
  5. We have BUKKIT, Giving you commands such as /tp, /msg, and more!

The server is only a few days old so be ready for some major changes done to spawn, shops, added plugins, and more.

Voting daily will get you 16 UU Matter, 5 Diamond Credits, and 1 Advanced SOlar Panel!


Essentials (Commands like /sethome, /warp. /tp etc.)
Votifer (Vote For Rewards)
Vault (Economy System)
Plots (Ability to buy plots to sell items in the spawn)
LandLock (Protect your land)
and More!!!!

Those who report glitches, bugs, hackers, or greifers will earn rewards such as solar panels, diamonds, or even extra commands such as /nick(Ability to have a nickname)

(Ultimate Pack)

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