This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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uTekk: Reloaded


Welcome to uTekk:Reloaded, the ultimate unleashed FTB Server. We are a Hardcore, Factions, PvP, Survival, server. We have banned faction bypassing items to allow fair protection of your land. Our team of admins have all worked for us before so we can guarantee professionalism and that they will be there for help whenever you need them. When you start playing on this server it will be like your second home! Only one admin has been given access to commands such as vanish, tp, etc and he is unable to raid or attack you. With this in effect we can promise a fair experience for every single player on our server.




-Any sort of advertising is prohibited

-Absolutely any sort of hacking, glitching, or exploiting of game mechanics is punishable by ban (this includes bypassing factions land protection).

If an item that bypasses faction land protection is discovered, report it to any of the staff immediately and we will decide how to handle it. For informing us you will be rewarded.


NOTE: We want players to be able to use all the items the mods provide, but some items, while cool or fun, are horribly unbalanced for a pvp server. We are constantly working towards solutions to minimize the amount of items banned but want players to have a fair experience.

Items that crash the server:
Trade-o-mat, Wrath Lamp

Items that bypass factions land protection:
Mining Laser, Wand of dislocation, Wand of equal trade, Wand of excavation, Filler, Tunnel bore, Steve's carts Mining Drills

Items that are banned for being unbalanced:
Myscraft (Could hide in a world forever + creates massive strain on the server), Soul Shards (Horribly over powered, there are other mob spawning alternatives), Rune of Thanatos (This is a pvp server, when you succeed in slaying a foe, you deserve the items), Tinkers Construct Rapiers (bypass armor, op), Etheric Sword (bypasses all armor), Portal Gun (Can easily teleport a player to their death).

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