This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Wise Apple's Bevo's Tech Pack Server


Hey guys! The Wise Apple server has just upgraded to a new, more powerful server and has just rotated to a new pack, Bevo's tech pack. Come!!!

Server Info:
Location: Montreal

Most important rules:

  1. No PVPing unless both parties consent
  2. No griefing or stealing from claimed chunks
  3. No excessive crude language or spamming the chat log
  4. Be respectful to ALL other players. Personal attacks on other players are not allowed.

What's so special about this server?:

  1. I allow up to 25 chunks to be chunkloaded and up to 50 chunks to be claimed.
  2. The server will never sell anything. It only accepts donations.
  3. We already have a tight knit community of members who are respectful to each other and are glad to help each other out.
  4. It features Bevo's tech pack, a rare sight on the FTB server listing, which includes some very cool mods that aren't often used in FTB packs like Mekanism, Galacticraft, Magneticraft, Nuclearcraft, and Practical Logistics.
  5. I highly value community input and suggestions and I have been very active as far as maintaining and playing on the server, so I make sure to fix any serious problems within a day, although more often than not I will drop what i'm doing and fix it immediately.

Download instructions:

  1. Download Bevo's tech pack version BTP-Reborn-BetaW-NC (EXACTLY that version, make sure it's W-NC)
  2. Include all optional modes, except for morpheus. You might have trouble downloading the pack if you don't exclude it.
  3. This is optional in regards to connecting to the server, but it is highly recommended that you download the most recent versions of FTB lib and FTB utils if you want to claim chunks and chunkload them.

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