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PixelCrew FTB Server (Mindcrack Style Youtubers on


My name Is Pixel and today im opening up my server to the minecraft world! I host a WHITELISTED Feed the beast ultimate server for me and other YOUTUBERS to enjoy. No you dont have to have thousands of views to join since i only get around 50! Aslong as you dont just create a youtube account just to get onto the server you should be fine! We are looking for ACTIVE players, We have about 5 current people whitelisted but most of them are all in-active! Thats why we need more members to keep the server alive!
So if you post regular minecraft content or intend to start posting minecraft content and dont get 1-2 views it could be your lucky day to join the server! So if you've been looking for a nice Community,Non grief,Friendly pranks now and then server your in the right place! Were all such good friends and we play the occasional prank on each over :D So ofcource it is whitelisted because if not any players could join and there is a high chance we'd get griefed. One of the requirements to join is ofcource Youtuber but enougher is that you must know what Mindcrack is. Im talking about the Mindcrack server with Guude and Bdubs etc. If you dont know please dont bother applying. Reason being is because were a server like that! I know ive just explained all that, Friendly pranks,Nice community etc. So if you think you will fit nicley in the server fill in this application below and we'll get right back to you.Also while feed the beast is in current version of 1.4.7, Players are required to stay within spawn to build they're base untill 1.5.2 of Ftb comes out.

Minecraft Username:
Youtube Link:
Have you heard of mindcrack? If so what is it?:
Are pranks aloud on the server?:
Would you fit nicley within our community?:
How mature are you out of 5:
What is your experience in server likes this?:
What would you bring to the server?:
Ways to contact you? Skype,Email etc:
Were are you aloud to build?:

Allright guys so thats it, Further infomation may be required if we are planning on intending to accept you! If you need any further assistance contact me on skype @ mcendy11 or on youtuber @

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