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KappaNetwork started off as just a PO3 server under the name KappaSkies. It has now become a multi-modpack network with a focus on larger/harder modpacks. We currently feature All the Mods 9 and Vault Hunters 3. We plan to continue expanding the network with more and more packs as time goes on.

Some of our features include:
-Vote Rewards & Crates
-Playtime Ranks
-Point shop to earn more perks
-Chunk loading (Online & Offline)
-Scheduled Dimension resets (Non-Overworld)
-Active player base and staff
-Daily Quests
-Auction House
-Admin Shop
-Few Banned Items
-Community Discord with MC chat integration and much more!

Direct IPs: (All the Mods 9) (Vault Hunters 3)

Feel free to join our discord for more information:
You can also check out our website:

i will try the server becours i dont have any friends to play it mc or other games
Posted 14th Nov 2021