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Welcome to gamingnetwork! We are a small inclusive community looking to grow that anyone is welcome to join!

This is the enigmatica 2 expert server make sure you get the latest modpack update to join can join via hub
The server has plugins including Griefprotection and Clearlag with more to come soon./coming soon
We have active friendly staff willing to help you out with whatever you need.
join our new server ftb stoneblock 2 version 1.21.1 wont be able to join without update
new server added ftb oceanblock 1.16.5 latest version 1.9.0 ftb update to join ip do be aware this server uses the beta versions of the modpack
new server project ozone3 a new way forward v3.4.6 ip.
we added a new modpack rlcraft make sure to have latest update join thru
new server added ftb ultimate anniversary edition latest ip
new server ftb university 1.16.5 ip
main hub is here please no greifing the hub thanks as this will result in a perm ban
Our rules are as follows:
Obey the staff
No cheating or duping of any kind
No griefing
TNT is disabled
No quarries in the overworld
Be friendly!

Join our discord if you have any questions or just want to check us out:

Consider donating to help keep the server running!

Apply for staff here:

Apply for ban appeal here:

Friendly staff, minimal restrictions, friendly community.

Give this server a shot if you're looking for somewhere quiet to play with your friends.
The server replied:
thanks for your review we are optimizing the server every day to keep the server stable we will also have a few more servers up for the players soon hopefully

please make sure to put your ign next time you are awesome
Posted 19th Jan 2020
You advertise that you're in North America, but last I heard, Montreal, QC was in Canada, not North America. OrgName: OVH Hosting, Inc.
OrgId: HO-2
Address: 800-1801 McGill College
City: Montreal
StateProv: QC
PostalCode: H3A 2N4
Country: CA
RegDate: 2011-06-22
Updated: 2017-01-28
The server replied:
sorry about that what should i change it too and yes i will change my country if needed just need to know what one to choose and im not hosting it but im running it from usa country im in is north america sorry for all the stuff thats wrong here today and thanks for letting me know
Posted 20th Nov 2018