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Team-NeO's CRACKED FTB Revelations >> 3.2.0 <<


ModPack: FTB Revelations 3.2.0

Looking for a decent cracked server with a mature community? friendly staff? well look no further. Team-NeO is hosting a FTB server we have kept everything pretty much unlucked but naturally , to ensure server stability and security of players we may make a few alterations but nothing too serious...

The server enables you to play and experience a true survival approach, our FTB server is vanilla (no annoying plugins) so you get to learn all the mods and experience things as intended!

What are you waiting for? Check it out!

If you need a cracked launcher or wish to chat with us we're on Discord also: OR both links lead to the same place, one is just easier to remember. Join us! :)

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