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Alticraft FTB server


Alticraft FTB server is a near vanilla FTB server using the FTB Ultimate mod pack. There is no griefing, raiding, stealing, and pvp is not allowed unless you all agree to pvp. Alticraft FTB is a brand new FTB server with a brand new map and we are looking for mature dedicated player's. The server has whitelist to ensure, you can applly on our website. We are hoping to have a nice small everyone know's each other type of community.

As far as rules go, just no stealing, raiding, pvp, griefing. And no use of any glitches. This is a legit server.

If you were to join the server you will need to be willing to join our small community. The whole idea behind Alticraft FTB server is to basiclly not need rules and for all of us to be friends and trust each other. All in the efforts to enjoy FTB and its entirety.

Apply today! :)

We are going to be switching to the Unleashed FTB ModPack as soon as we can, which means a new map!

Check our forums daily for ever changing news and updates!

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