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FTB DireWolf Mod pack.Survival PVP


Welcome to Tekaholic, a new direwolf20 1.6.4 server which is a relaunch of a previously popular Tekkit server! We know that direwolf20 servers are not very popular (yet), so we are trying to make a change to this. We hope to make a popular server that can change how people look towards this modpack and enjoy some of the amazing features it has to offer!

Our aim is to provide a 24/7 server, which has very little lag and has an enjoyable and friendly community and player-base. The server will soon contain a faction system (at the moment we are working on compatibility issues), so you can protect your land from grievers and with this there is also raiding and PvP so that you can fight it out in epic battles, with all your favorite weapons from the modpack!

There is also a economy system which lets you buy shops and plots at spawn from which the players can buy and sell items. There will be just a small server item shop, so most the items you get will have to come directly from other players. One can earn money for these by performing actions for one of the many jobs on the server, such as blacksmith and miner or killing other players. The more you work the more money you will gain per hour, leading to greater influence on the players by selling an buying items. The server also has McMMO which will allow you to gain levels on what you enjoy doing, such has fighting, mining, digging, and as you get higher the more likely you are to get small rewards from doing some of these things.

If this server is popular, we will also be committed to making other servers on some of the many modpacks Feed the Beast contains, hoping to expand the network of servers we make.

This is our website for Tekaholic:
This website will soon be updated for all the changes coming to the server and all the information you will need will be on there. Watch the website, this change will happen soon!

We will also very soon be making a TeamSpeak 3 server for you all to communicate! Watch the website for more details on this.

If you think you have the authority or experience to be a helpful moderator or member of staff, please PM either MylesMor or cdeeks on the forums. We are in particular looking for players with a lot of experience of the direwolf20 modpack that can contribute a lot regarding the mods and mechanics of this modpack!

Thanks for reading and have fun!
Once you join for the first time you will be a Guest sign up at the website with your IGN and we will promote you.
Website= refurbishment )


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