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Prelude Gaming


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Prelude Gaming is making a come back! With the same great staff and even better packs to play on. Currently running the following mod packs: Project Ozone 3 v: 3.0.37, Direwolf20 v: 2.4.0, Ultimate Reloaded v: 1.3.0, All The Mods 3 v: 5.12.0, Stone Block 2 v: 1.8.0, Enigmatica 2 normal v: 1.61 and hardmode v: 1.57.

This is honestly the best server I have ever played on, so much so that I refuse to play on any other servers.

The staff are passionate and fair, always helpful and in my experience never unfriendly. They are also involved in the player community, and active in a server DIscord. The rules make sense as well.

Many of the players have been members for a very long time. Community.

Anyway, this is just the best server.
Posted 9th Mar 2019