This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Allied Forces of Albatross | FTB Unleashed | v1.1.


The Allied Forces of Albatross Feed The Beast Ultimate Server!
Difficulty Level: Normal


Don't Grief.
Don't Steal.
Don't scam other players.
Don't go over-the-top in trolling other players.
Don't build a machine that spews out items, or that causes lag.
Don't PvP in non-designated zones, even though it's disabled I'm sure some people will find a way. :p
And most importantly, don't be a douche.

Banned Items (I only ban items that can destroy servers, or that don't log in the system.)

Any type of TNT.
Reactor Chambers & Nuclear Reactors.
Mining Lasers.
Wand of the Frost.
Portal Guns. (If someone could tell me how to remove the shooting at the moon, I'll unban them.
Unstable Ingots.
Wand of the Frost.
Builder Wands.
Basically all of Mystcraft, it causes major lag.
Drills, the automated ones.

Screenshots (Will be updated in the future.)
(Spawn, currently a placeholder while we work on a new one. I'm going to stick with the not-complicated style though.)

Why you should join us
Well, I can't really say that we are the best Feed The Beast server out there, because we aren't. What we can offer is a friendly community, active and understanding admins, and a promise the server wont go down anytime soon.

Some Information about Our Group
We have a Garry's Mod Trouble in Terrorist Town server, which has been up for over 9 months! IP:
We also have a steam group!

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