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Diamond Dust


=====----BETA SERVER INFO----=====

Hello and welcome to Diamond Dust FTB ultimate server. This server is currently in beta, running a small, 20 slot, high-uptime server from creeperhost. Running 2GB RAM on a non-dedicated server. As soon as the dedicated server is ready we'll be moving to it. Please see the details below.

Diamond Dust is a dedicated 24/7 FTB ultimate server running a [Trusted] rank no-banned-items scheme. Trustworthy players will have access to all (No canvas bags, sorry) items available on the FTB pack. It's not easy to become trusted, but I want to protect my valuable players from griefing! This server offers freedom like no other of it's hardware specifications: running 36GB RAM and a 4 core multithreading CPU the server can guarantee no lag to it's local players, and even offer competitive ping to international players!

Updated Lockette config file to add all containers and wrenchable blocks to the protection list - Never worry about griefers wrenching your precious machines from right under your nose ever again! Log out knowing your base is safe just by putting a few signs down.

No excessive swearing
No PvP/Griefing (PvP is available between 2 consenting individuals or more)
Quarries and auto-mining machines to be kept underground to preserve the landscape
If someone asks you to leave their plot, leave!

With friendly volunteer staff to moderate the community and an experienced server admin to enforce the server rules and regulations, we can assure you you'll have a pleasant time socializing on diamond Dust.

Vote for money daily, as well as shops at the spawn to sell and buy abundant items, will you be the richest in the server?

:Notable pluggins~::
Grief prevention
Chest shop
Many more!

What are you waiting for! Come and join us today!

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