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Welcome to Paradox, Paradox is a FTB mindcrack server run by dedicated staff whose aim is to creat a great community for all, we do not accept discrimination or harmful players in anyway and if you are found to be abusive or in any way making the game less fun for others then punishments will be applied.
However if you, like me, just want to amass a fortune of mindcrack goodies then please come and play, we have a few plugins available to you to enrich your experience whilst you are here, we have hardly any downtime, any server problems are dealt with immediately by one of our dedicated staff to keep the server running for you to play as much as you want.
Plugins include (but are not limited to):
Towny - Build a town with friends or find new ones to work with.
Essentials - Provides great features, like setting a home for easy travel.
Essentials eco - buy, sell, buy, sell.... get money for killing mobs and voting for us, start a shop... anything you wish.
multiverse! Travel many worlds, we even have a world for mining and quarry's so you dont have to destroy the overworld!

We hope to see you soon and hope you enjoy our server!

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