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Paradise Swansong

Paradise Swansong


Paradise Swansong is our latest server! Running FTB HermitPack 1.5.1 We have 2 vanilla servers running also.

Server as now been updated to 1.5.1

We have been running servers for 6+ years..... Oh the fun we have had along the way!

Paradise Swansong a whitelisted server at the moment we may move to greylist. For access please apply at our forum

Paradise Swansong currently runs on i5-4670K with 32gb ram. OS and Servers have there own SSD's with backups every 2 hours.

Current mods installed are GriefPrevention, Prism (big brother it watching lol), Nucleus, LuckPerms

Hope to see you in one of our worlds very soon.... :)

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