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The Chaotic Empire


New Modpack: The Chaotic Empire




Hello and welcome! We are a new mod-pack working on making a modded server for all! The server is public and is wanting people to come enjoy it! We got 70 mods right now for you to try out! :) I will be updating it if something breaks or we change something so look forward to new items in the future! We have a discord server and The mod-pack is on Technic for all to enjoy! Share this with your friends and others! The more popular the server gets the more I will update the modpack for better/More useful mods! Staff applications occur at times so make sure you join asap as we look at your join date vs Applied date! We will be having events and more going on in the near future!

Version is 1.12.2
Some of the mods: Mekanism ProjectE Enderio Actually Addons Railcraft OTM (Open Turrets Mod) and Many many more!
Friendly staff for you to talk to and ask for help if needed!
We have a teams system so if you claim land no creepers or TNT can destroy it unless you allow so!

We welcome everyone to come and play this server with us! Thanks all for checking this server out!

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