This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Mindcrack Central|Ultimate|1.1.2|No Whitelist|75 S


About us:
We aim to provide a lag-free, stable, PvE server with minimal things banned and only banning whats needed. The server can support up to a max of 75 players, the server also has 3GB ram and is based in UK. This server is new and we've done allot of testing before going live to make sure everything is working and stable before players start joining and building. If you're looking for a mature, friendly environment to play your favorite mod in, then you're welcome to try Mindcrack Central!

Server Rules:
No PvP
No Griefing
No Hack/Exploits
No Drop parties
Speak only English in general chat
No excessive swearing or caps
Be polite, think smart.
Tekkit Rules:
No Cobblestone generators/Dark Rooms
No quarries bigger than 40x40
No more than 40 Geothermal, 40 generators, 40 windmills and 40 watermills per faction.
Banned Items: (If you have any suggestions regarding banned items to make them more controlled or disagree with an item ban, leave a post on our forums)

Item Ban List:
Banned for everyone:
World Anchor,
Industrial TnT,
MFFS Defence Station,
Mining Turtles,
Tunnel Bore,

Items for Vet +
Portal Guns,
Axe of the Stream,
Wand of cooling,
wand of equal trade,
wand of excavation,
wand of frost,
Block breaker,

Items for Trusted +
Rain Maker,
Mining laser

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