This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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MageTech FTB Ultimate


Name: MageTech FTB Ultimate


Port: 25565


Donation Store: MageTechDonations

Summary: Combining modern with medieval - Will you be the PvP master, or make a Large City? Survive alongside with others or ride solo killing everyone in your way? Dominate the server with economy or raid someone's unprotected house? Outwit your opponent in the PvP arena or make a fourtune off bets? Make the most efficient machine or conduct a secret market, whatever you do keep in mind that everyone is trying to be the best.....

What should you know about us?:

  • We have a functional Bukkit!
  • Mainly focus on Towny and PvP, however other playstyles are supported too!
  • Player-controlled Economy!
  • LWC - Protect your containers!
  • Arenas - We have the following:
  • ~ PvP
  • ~ CTF
  • ~ Spleef
  • ~ Parkour
  • Minimal Lag!
  • Multithreaded - load spread across all CPU cores! (Minecraft by default only uses one core)
  • Top Tier Connection
  • Patched items! Following items are ones commonly banned on other server that aren't on MageTech:
  • ~ Wand of Excavation
  • ~ Minimum stone
  • ~ Mining laser!
  • ~ Destruction catalyst
  • ~ Vajra
  • ~ Omni Wrench
  • ~ Electric Wrench
  • ~ Crumble Horn
  • ~ Block Breakers
  • ~ Sentry Turret
  • ~ Sojourners Staff
  • ~ Shovel of Earthmover
  • ~ Wand of Equal Trade
  • ~ Axe of Stream
  • ~ Log turner
  • ~ Wand of Frost
  • ~ CF Sprayer
  • ~ Emperors Chalice
  • ~ Filler
  • ~ Portal Gun

User Rules:

  • No Hacking, we have many ranks on the lookout.
  • Dont spam global chat, constantly talking in it, there are other channels.
  • Be Respectful. There is no need for explaination on that.
  • Obey Mods/Admins. Apprentice+
  • Dont build things just to lag the server, you will be asked to remove it.
  • Dont ask for a higher rank, look on the forums.
  • See if there are any Nobles or Apprentices on before asking an admin, you don't always need one
  • No Advertising for other servers.
  • Dont ask for spawned items.
  • No excessive profanity

Any violation of the rules stated above may result in a punishment depending on the severity determined by the staff member present.

Staff Rules:

  • Staff must be patient when helping players.
  • It is prohibited for a staff member to give a spawned item to a player.
  • Any staff who wishes to mess around in creative MUST do it within the border of the AdminTown.
  • If a staff memeber is determining the fate of a player, he/she must act fairly on the situation. If unsure on what to do, consult an equal or higher rank.
  • When a staff member punishes a player they must log it in the admin room.

Any player that witnesses a staff member violated the above rules may post on forums in the Admin Abuse section.
Any staff that has been proven violating the rules will be punished depending on the severity determined by the a fellow staff member.


  • Jared39 [Cypress] (Owner)
  • Ethan [Chancellor] (High-Admin)
  • Swiggles [Mage] (Admin)
  • Breathnach14 [Mage] (Admin)
  • BloodyChris [Apprentice] (Mod)
  • TheCob13 [Apprentice] (Mod)

Special thanks to Swiggles for helping with banner and description.

Accepting Apprentices! (1-2)

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