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OreKingdom InfiTech

OreKingdom InfiTech 2 V3.2.10, No Lag, 24/7, Towny


OreKingdom's InfiTech 2 pack revolves around science and machinery as well as a some magic elements and a lot of quests. Gregtech 5 offers challenging and rewarding game play as you progress through several industrious eras. You can do quests and receive rewards to help progress further and become more immersed in the pack. We use Towny so your creations can be protected. Friendly community and great staff help make this server more enjoyable. We have forums for our players to post on if they need help or just have some interesting information to share. 24/7 server with minimal banned items and also have our own Teamspeak3 server ( so you can talk with your friends, or make new ones. No whitelist, just join in and start having fun today!

Note: This is V3.2.10 not the recommended version!

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