This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Bubblecraft's Friendly Server


BubbleCraft is a some what new server it was started around 12/3/2013.
BubbleCraft is running on the FTB: Unleashed(v1.1.3) v1.1.7 MUST ENABLE

All the mods except for DeathCounter!

If you don't know how to enable them

Go to Edit Mod Pack.
You should then see Enabled Mods and Disabled Mods.
Choose the mods you want to enable.
Click the Enable button.
Launch the game and your done!


No spamming chat.
No using cheat clients.
Listen to Mods/Admins/Owners.
No Griefing.
No stealing.
No Nukes or Mystcraft Ages.
Don't be rude and keep swearing to a minimum.
Absolutley no Racism.

Reason For No Mystcraft Age

  • The reason we do not allow mystcraft ages is because if we did the server would start to lag bad. We are sorry but you are aloud to make linking book. The only thing is no making link books to someones house without there permission. If caught with a link book to someones house with their permission you will be put in jail for 24/h thank you.

Staff as of now

Bubbles - Owner
Shelbert - Owner
jgrantham41 - Mod
iGotUrSkywalker - Mod
holden98 - Mod
Muffinxxx - Mod

TeamSpeak Server


Some Rules For TeamSpeak
Try to keep swearing to a minimum(We all do it some times but try not to do it a lot).
Do not be rude to anyone.

Donator Perks for TS
Donators have the option to have their own TS group which staff can put them and whoever they want into it.

Server IP

We hope you enjoy our server :)

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