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TerraFTB is a brand new PVE and PVP FTB Direwolf20 1.6.4 server. We strive to give you, the player, the best experience of any server. We do this by having top notch staffing to keep all the meanies out, and with 24/7, lag-free hosting.

NOTE: These rules may not be the latest version (although I will try to keep them updated). Refer to the /rules command in-game for the latest set of rules

No Griefing (even if the land is not protected)

No Trolling (Within reason)

No Cheating (yep, that's right, no hacked clients!)

No Exploiting (it is impossible to compleatly lock down a modpack)

No Scamming (ie. selling a person some land but then refusing to transfer the ownership without paying them back.

No Spamming (whether or not you are using a bot)
Keep the entire expirence (chat, builds, etc.) PG-13
Do not use excessive swearing, a moderator or or admin's decision is final on what is and is not excessive

A moderator or admin's decision is final

Respect all players, no-matter their rank

And last but not least, have fun!
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No Whitelist!
That's right! there is no whitelist on this server, so feel free to hop right on and give it a try! We ban the meanies instead of only letting "non-meanies" in.

Disabled/Banned Items & Mods:
Unfortunately, we have had to disable some items & mods. But, rest assured that we only disabled what we have to in order to keep the server a safe place. Below is a list of banned items, and their exceptions (if any)

Banned Mods:

  • Mystcraft (Link books and related items are usable by VIPS)

Banned Items:

  • Descriptive Book
  • Linking book (usable by VIPS)
  • Notebook
  • Writing Desk
  • Bookstand (usable by VIPS)
  • Lectern (usable by VIPS)
  • Crystal (usable by VIPS)
  • BookRecipticle (usable by VIPS)
  • Ink Mixer (usable by VIPS)
  • Book Binder
  • Link Modifier
  • Ink Vial (usable by VIPS)
  • All Myscraft Pages (usable by VIPS)
  • Florbs ThermalExpansion
  • ITNT
  • IC2 Nuke
  • Mining Laser
  • Arcane Bore
  • All Steves Carts Drills
  • Portal Gun (usable by VIPS)
  • Voodoo Poppet
  • All Turtles (usable by VIPS)

Want to see the server before you join? We've got you covered!
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Misc Info:
Difficulty: Hard mode, but keepInventory is on to counteract this.
Processor: E3-1230v3
Connection: 1gbps
DDOS Protection: 15+gbps
Ram: 2gb DDR3 (1.5gb allocated to server) (will upgrade as needed, currently server uses ~200mb avergae)
Slots: 30, will be upgraded as needed

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