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Vermilion Servers Infinity E Hardcore


Hello and welcome to Vermilion Servers,

We are a server with dedicated staff members, who are dedicated to keeping our players happy.

We are running FTB-Infinity Evolved, have very few banned items, point ranks and paid ranks, neither are over powered, WE ARE IN HARD MODE, so expect a challenge! We even have a dedicated mining world that resets once a month!

We also have a ejin site everything you want to know will be on here as well! Check and see if we are online, chat with players, post in forums, and much much more!

Some Plugins That Our Server Features:
GlobalMarket. (Buy what you need, sell what you don’t)
VeinMine the plugin! (For all your mining needs)
GriefProtection (We won’t let you get griefed!)
CoreProtect (We will catch the griefers if they manage to get you)
Factions (For all your faction needs!!)
And much much more!!

I love the server, it's in hard mode so it makes everything more realistic and fun. Everything runs super smooth, with no lag.
Posted 10th Oct 2016