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BedCraft Presents: The BedPack

HUB Server - Creative, Survival & Mini-Games

Mo'Creatures || GregTech || ProjectRed || ThermalExpansion || SoulShards || Optifine || ExtraCells || EE3 || GunCus || Biomes'O'Plenty || ComputerCraft || TwilightForest || PowerSuits || PortalGun || GravityGun || Chisel || and alot more..


Download our launcher HERE
Can't get it to work? We have a tutorial on our website.


We think Feed The Beast mod-packs are incomplete. The mod-packs FTB makes are good but can still be improved, this is why we made the BedPack.

The BedPack contains all your favorite mods, you can see our mod-pack as an improved version of FTB-Monster. We improved our mod-pack at many different ways. We have dedicated java developers who are fixing duplication's and bypasses any time.

Our mod-pack contains mods no other mod-pack will ever have. We have mods like Mo'Creatures, Smart Moving & Even Optifine! We can use these mods in our mod-pack because our custom launcher download's the mods from the original resources


  • Custom Launcher
  • Custom Plugins
  • Mod Fixes
  • Minecraft 1.6.4
  • Over 120 mods
  • The greatest gun mod: GunCus
  • Creative
  • Mini-games
  • Bungee
  • No lag, Europe hosted

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